Wine and Cigar Boxes & Corks

Wine and Cigar Boxes & Corks


Prices range from $1 for a single cigar box to $150 for the entire wine and cigar box collection.

Hosting a wine tasting? Looking for simple yet attractive risers and platforms for a buffet? Need large pieces to add some classic pop? You Need wine boxes and wine bottle corks!

Trying to add some masculinity to party decor? Want to jazz up a Poker Party? Cigar boxes are the answer! Speakeasy Theme? You have to have it all! Choose from 2 dozen wine boxes, 2 dozen cigar boxes and thousands of corks! Honestly, we haven't counted, but there are at least 1,000+ wine corks.

Check out the wine and cigar box collection and send me an email about which items you're interested in displaying at your event. I'll send a quote for just the items you need!

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