Boutique Accessories

Miscellany Shed offers a variety more than a dozen styling collections like the Woodlands, the Seashore and the Chalkboard Collections that address every detail for your event. We also have individual items to enhance the look you're creating. If you have a question, no matter how big or small, please email us at Lpgourmett@aol.com.

Unparalleled Style

Miscellany Shed's unique collection of individual items include such things as maps of every style and size, exquisite mercury glass, vintage milk bottles, bountiful baskets, exquisite serving pedestals, wine boxes, loving cups and trophies. If you need help with the fine details; the styling, the set-up, or consulting, we're here for you!

our story

Linda Hopkins opened Miscellany Shed in September 2016. Linda is a cooking instructor, blogger, former children's cooking school owner and a consummate hostess who loves to entertain both professionally and personally for friends and family. As she says, "When I entertain, the first thing I do is come up with a theme. I build the entire dinner, event, party, or whatever around that theme. The theme is what sparks my imagination and helps me create. Once I have the theme, Iā€™m off and running. The theme is where my inspiration comes from for the decor, the food, the cocktails, the music playlists and sometimes even the guest list." After years of themes, dinner parties, and events, Linda has accumulated thousands of beautiful, unique and fun pieces. Miscellany Shed is a way to share all of these wonderful pieces with others who love to host parties and events too. If you're looking for scrumptious food and drink recipes to go with your theme, please visit LesPetitesGourmettes.com for inspiration.